Sunday, September 08, 2013

Walk a mile in THESE shoes...

It's not only Sunday, it's Second Sunday so that means walkin' on King Street.

On the sidewalk.

On the street.

In and out of stores.

Buy a pair of shoes at the booth for the Ronald McDonald House.

A couple of visitors from Israel are on a tour of the United States and hit King Street.

"I asked them if I could buy a pair and I promised to take pictures of them in Israel, " said the proud new owner.

They flew into New York, did Washington, D.C. and The Smokies, now Charleston then off to the West Coast.

He'll stand out in the crowd, that's for sure.

Everybody who has a dog was out on King Street today.

Did not see even one cat-on-a-leash. Go figure.

I asked this lady if I could take a picture of her doggie and she said "Sure. Think I will too."

Her husband added "I'll take a shot of you taking a picture of her taking a picture of the dog."

A baker's dozen members of my Photography Group were strung out along the street.

I told them I had brought bright red stick-on name tags but Kevin, host for today, said "Uh, Chuck, we're supposed to be low key and blend in to explore street photography."

He was right of course.

We were gathered by the Francis Marion Hotel to begin our photo trek.

I tucked the badges back into my pocket. And took mine off as well.

Some stealthy Ninja!

I caught up with several members across the street from a fine violin player. We all were focused on him, trying to get blurred passersby.

I do "blurred" almost as well as I do soft focus. Sometimes on purpose.

Saw this "Lion in wait" in a shop window.

My intent was to keep him sharp and slightly blur the other objects so he would stand out.

I'm pleased with what my Canon sx260HS can do.

(I also used some plug-in software to do a controlled blurring effect. Shh. That's a secret.)

Whoever was in charge of the weather did a fine job. A few clouds kept the temps down, the humidity was lower and there was a nice breeze.

Saw a Labrador patiently waiting as his owner picked up a slice of pizza. Well, drooling actually. The dog, not the owner.

Passed a gallery with its doors wide open and inviting.

A really colorful image caught my eye and I stepped in.

Turns out, it was not one of the paintings - the back garden was in full sunlight as seen through another open door.

Wrap that one up, I'll hang it on my living room wall.

Quite a few galleries were open and people milled around inside.

Vendors on the street offered hot dogs, Paolo's Gelatos and popsicles as well as sit down meals served curbside.

A very nice day to be out and about in my historic hometown.

Couldn't wait to get outta here when I was a teenager but so glad I came back home about 20 years ago.

Lots of dining and shopping going on so the idea of blocking off the main street and letting pedestrians roam is a good one.

Serving meals outside adds delicious and spicy aromas all along King Street.

I'm reminded it's probably time to have a bite to eat.

I had suggested that the members might want to regroup after an afternoon of stealth activity.

I headed through the strollers to meet them on Beaufain Street at LEAF.

Passed shoppers who were discussing how their day had gone.

Hey, shop in moderation. Have a cold beer.

(Click on the photo for more details.)

I saw a cameraman from Channel 2 who was covering the day and I mentioned my small camera was a LOT lighter than the rig he was toting.

As we chatted he asked if I would go on camera to give my thoughts on the resumption of football season.

Well, I'm awfully shy but he started the camera, focused and held the microphone near me as I said "It's great to have football back. I can watch all the action on my 60-inch wide screen tv."

Be interviewed in moderation.

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At Mon Sep 09, 07:13:00 AM , Blogger Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Looks like a fun day!


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