Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Shem Creek Twilight Saga....

Sunsets are pretty to photograph.

Sometimes the clouds don't cooperate and it's more about colors and reflections.

Nearly 40 members of my Photography Group experimented Wednesday night.

We gathered on the boardwalk at Shem Creek Park to try for a sunset at 7:57pm.

Then, we turned and looked in the opposite direction to see a full moon rising at 8:12. A celestial "two-fer."

As the sky darkened, the lights on the Ravenel Bridge caught our eyes and it stood out nicely.

Click. Click. Click.

Just a few minutes later, the new full moon (aka a "Blue Moon") slowly rose on the other side of the creek.

This was becoming a regular "Twilight Saga."

Looking up why the second full moon happening in the same month is called "Blue," I found that was a mistake and not accurate.

Photographers would notice if the moon were actually colored blue.

We've seen and photographed a Harvest Moon and it really does look Orange....and is quite large.

Dinner later at Water's Edge, seated out on the deck, gave another view of the moon.

 It was much higher in the sky and my camera - with a long 8 second exposure - made it appear to have flares.

Sort of like the nearby street lights.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

When you take an exposure longer than 1/60 second, be sure the camera is steady on a tripod or on a flat surface.

That reduces camera movement and a sad blurred effect.

None of these pictures was taken with a flash.

I like "natural" lighting.

Thanks for entering The Twilight Zone with me.

**This is just part of the group of members who came out to shoot the moon.

Others were strung out along the boardwalk, setting up their sunset shots. Thanks!
(Photo by Bill Goff)

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At Fri Dec 20, 10:41:00 AM , Anonymous wall sensations said...

Just want to let you know I love your nature photos!


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