Saturday, August 03, 2013

Flipping Channels ....

My existing cable and television provider Comcost does a great job.

Of raising my monthly fees.

I had dropped my wired phone service out of the bundle they offered. I no longer had a phone "anchored" in my home.

My bill did not go down.

I now was receiving only 2 services instead of 3 but it cost me more??!

They explained my reduction happened at the same time they were raising rates so it only looked like I was not saving money. Huh?
I had been with this company ever since it was just a beta service, new in my neighborhood.

I would receive flyers offering a REALLY low price but the small print always said "for new customers only."

The lower price did not apply to loyal, long time customers. Sigh.

I had them wired into my home for almost 20 years.

An ad from a newcomer cable company caught my eye. A great rate and, this time, I WOULD be a new client. Wow!

No, WOW! ...that's the name of the cable company that was coming to hook me up and save me a bundle. It used to be called Knology.

No contract, a 60-day money back guarantee and the lower monthly rate will stay the same until 2015.

I looked out the front door about 10 minutes before the installer was due. A truck was parked out front.

He was early. I'm impressed. Good way to start.

He had already climbed up the pole on the corner to start stringing a "WOW!" wire from there to my house.

He battled his way through the tangle of trees I've been meaning to trim and brought the new cable through the treetops and attached it to my house.

Then he brought it down to a new service entry box he had just installed.

He answered my questions as he worked toward giving me service for my big screen digital HD tv and my computer.

A new beginning!

Uh oh. He's looking at a meter and frowning.

The signal from atop the pole is weak. Very poor.

Not something that would please me.

He called the Dispatcher and made an appointment for some trouble-shooters to come out Monday.

They would correct whatever was causing the faulty signal.

My Installer was packing up his bags of tools and I offered him a cold can of cola which he accepted.

I asked if this meant I had no cable or TV for the next few days?

He said "No, you're still hooked up to C**cast. I don't disconnect until I can properly switch you over."

So the Cable Caper continues into next week.

(Click on the photo for more details.)

The picture on my tv in the kitchen already looks better.



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At Sun Sep 08, 03:24:00 PM , Blogger tigerotor77w said...

I've always had problems with Comcast, also... the service generally works, but whenever there have been issues, it's always been a hassle to get someone to come out (and then to have them actually address the issue).

I'm thankful I don't use Comcast now but I also pay significantly more -- so I'm thinking of also going down the path of canceling some of my services and seeing where my bills go afterwards!

At Mon Sep 09, 05:36:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

I have friends who have given up on cable. They stream with Roku and get discs from Netflix. If this didn't work out, I was headed in that direction.

Cable companies just don't get it.


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