Friday, August 23, 2013

"Buy me some popcorn and Cracker Jack..."

About a month ago, I won some box seat tickets to a baseball game. They came from Charleston Currents.

WooHoo. Box seats for the Riverdogs, our local minor league baseball team.

They play in The Joe, a 7,000+ seat stadium that's named after our Mayor-For-Life Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

Last night the attendance was 4,356. Most were NOT blessed with box seats.
Saw a ballpark legend, Tony The Peanut Man, working the crowd during the game.

Had not noticed before that the iconic straw boater he always wears is open on top.

That's his head you see when he bends forward to hand out bags of boiled peanuts.

Or to add to the stash of cash in his hand.

Did I mention the box seats have a server in each section who takes your requests for popcorn, Cracker Jack, hot dogs and beverages?

No leaving the game to go stand in line. She handed out a menu. A distinctly Charleston/ Lowcountry list of tasty items.

Sunset over the Ashley River is a beautiful sight from the ballpark.

And, as usual for an August evening, the breeze off the river was very welcome.

Oh yeah!

The humidity seemed slightly lower even as the scoreboard clock flashed 80 degrees.

It was a good game - marred by a few bone-head errors by both teams - but the home team was trailing 4-3 into the 9th inning.

Empty box seats started appearing around us but we staunch still-seated fans rooted for a come-from-behind miracle.

Of course, it helps to get some men on base.

The West Virginia Power had pitched 5 hitless innings.

We were pleased to see the pitcher now distracted by a runner at first.

Number 7, Jose Rosario (2B) got back safely.

The BIG finish was a walk-off, two RBI double by outfielder Jake Cave.

This win brought the Riverdogs to .500 for the second half (30-30).

The team shot out onto the field and celebrated  with smiles, hugs and, probably, a few slaps on the butt.

Hey, it's the American, I mean.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

It was Thirsty Thursday with beer specials all over the park.

I had some popcorn with my beer but was amused by the slogan printed on the large $4 bag.

People often mistake hot for fresh in theaters.

Popcorn is REALLY good and fresh for about only 2 days.



Oops. Forgot about the Cracker Jacks.

And apple pie.

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