Saturday, August 17, 2013

WHISKEY with an "E"...

I think some overseas beverages - well, Scotch comes to mind - spell it w-h-i-s-k-y, but the band I enjoyed last night at Home Team BBQ in West Ashley is All America.

Whiskey Diablo does it right and spells it correctly.

Patrick Blake, guitar and vocals, is the leader, ably backed by Jonathan Grey on double bass.

Whitt Algar played piano and organ keyboards while Brian Widlowski kept an incredibly energetic beat.

The band's first album Wail & Serenade came out last October.

I read the rave review that announced they would play 9 to midnight at the West Ashley food and music "cue" site.

Then I listened to a cut from the album, grabbed my camera and headed right over.

The venue did not charge a cover and the place was packed. Diners morphed into music fans as the band kicked off.

I also appreciated the earlier starting time.

A very nice Friday night crowd.

This is a local band in much demand but keep alert to where they will play next. Wherever, it will be an exciting evening I can assure you.

Brian the drummer played back in the shadows but got to impress with a solo several times.

He and Jonathan on the upright bass both graduated from the College of Charleston.

Whitt was playing both keyboards right up front, bouncing up and down, his fingers really flying.

The comments, banter and laughter among the group showed these friends were having a great time.

It was a fast-paced show and, as usual at Home Team, the sound was excellent.

It was the first time I've seen the sound man standing on stage, speaking into and tweaking the individual microphone settings, making the adjustment on an electronic tablet in his hands.

So very high tech!

This was another chance for me to shoot available light photos without squint-producing bright flashes of light.

I suppose the performers get used to those random bursts of white as many people do that during live music performances.

I felt this band also would look good in black & white, so shot a few like that. Glad that I did.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Is  anybody else ready for more early starting music shows?

Been to a few recently that didn't begin until almost midnight.

Yes, I need my beauty sleep.

Thanks for listening in.

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