Friday, August 09, 2013

"But....on the OTHER hand."

A friend sent me an image similar to this.

Supposedly when you see one face, you're using the left side of your brain.

When you observe the other face, that's your right side of your brain at work.

I thought it was just a 2-faced person.

Not that I am.

Several things I noticed while playing with these images:

1. an open mouth smile does not work as well and 2. glasses complicate the effect.

I did like the pompadour hairstyle look I had achieved.

Yes, it is eerie.

One finished "face" reminded me of the Beavis & Butthead cartoon characters.

I think it's the "open mouth breathing" look.

But, again, the white hair jutting forward came out great.

Manipulating photos is a fun thing I do with my pictures.

Tonight I have been invited to tag along with a couple of experienced "Star Trail" photographers.

Don't know yet where we are going but we are to meet up around 10pm tonight.

There is a new moon but I've been assured it sets early this month. So we should have the required darkened sky.

One how-to guide I looked up said for better shots of the pattern left by the moving stars, one should avoid humidity.

Hmm. Summer in Charleston - that could be a problem.

I found a picture I took years and years ago when I lived on James Island.

I was close to Folly Beach but was too lazy to drive out there for a dark sky away from lights.

This was literally by my front door, looking up past a tree in my yard.

Late at night after a few beers.

This was taken with a film camera and I had the luxury of using the "B" (for Bulb) setting that let me open the shutter for about 20 minutes then close it.

I used a cable release so I did not shake or jar the camera.

Sigh. Progress in the digital age.

My small digital camera can only give me a 15-second long exposure.

So, we'll see what the "big boys" get with their fancy, larger, more expensive camera rigs.

This is a tune-up for next Tuesday's outing to catch some meteors and "fireballs." at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Slappin' skeeters.

(Click to see if the images get larger.)

The police say "nothing good happens after midnight."

Let's hope they're wrong in this case.

I'd better take a nap. 

Gonna be a couple of late nights.

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