Wednesday, August 21, 2013

$50 is NOT trivial....

A buddy of mine has a standing routine for Monday nights...he's part of a Trivia Team.

It actually started as a regular night out with his wife, then she changed jobs and now has to work late that night.

I was invited to tag along.

I hoped I could keep up with the trivia crowd at The Roost Bar 'N Grille in Avondale.

Yes, you're way ahead of me - as usual.

We are indeed holding a bright red winning certificate.

First place paid $50 toward a bar tab.

There was a chance for me to delve back into my history - much older and deeper than these guys - and come up with the name of a Playboy cartoonist who later wrote several books.

One was "A Light In The Attic."

Yes, Shel wrote children's stories/books.

Probably NOT based on events and sights he saw at the Playboy Mansion.

While I lived in Los Angeles, I got to go to one of the last Playboy Clubs, in Century City as I recall.

What really helped was Marty being able to rattle off 10 titles of songs by The Doors. He actually reached 15 before we said "hey, Phil the MC only asked for ten." [The link shows 5 albums with titles.]

Eyes around the room were alert to make sure Smartphones were not being used for an unfair advantage. There were about 8 or 9 teams competing.

Marty and I both reacted when a young lady, seated with a team at the table behind us, called out a groan "Oh no, not another "old man" question?!". 

I had not been there for many  months but here's what the back bar looked like right after it opened.

The owners then remarked they had scouted the Avondale area, saw there was no real Sports Bar there and chose to open a great one.

Good choice.

Judging from the large crowd on a slow Monday night, the decision was pure genius.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

This evening, more than 30 members of my Photo Group will gather at the Shem Creek boardwalk to snap a double header: the sunset at 7:50 and a full moonrise 15 minutes later.

Watch your step around all those tripods!

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