Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to the Basico...

Driving near Park Circle, I stopped to see the new restaurant that opened July 4 next to the Mixson Market off Durant Avenue.

Basico is the name and it shares its dining & bar space with the general public as well as the Bath & Racquet Club. (That's Pool & Tennis.)

I sat on the public side and saw this succulent in front of me. Nice touch.

Well, actually, I thought it was part of a lamp but it wasn't.

It sat in a little bowl. I sat and perused the menu.
This new place is known for its modern take on Tacos,

I chose the shrimp (L) and the Pulled pork.

The side was a delicious tomato salad.

These I cannot make at home.

These were tasty and VERY filling.

Which, unfortunately,  stopped me from ordering scoops of mango ice cream for a dessert.

Next time for sure.
Of course I had a beer.

Thought I spotted a can that did not look familiar.

It was labeled a dark lager and had an odd-looking "bear" as the symbol.

Antlers? And a shawl?

Because I had kept track on a phone app called "BREWSTER," I knew I had had 540 different unique beers in the past 2 years.

Now I was able to add number 541.

Had a kind of IPA taste which I liked with my tacos.

The app also plots where I had the beer so this new Mixson place is starred on my beer map. It's by the Flats @ Mission.

I looked around a lot and liked the louver-effect across the back bar area.

The ceiling was VERY high which created an open feeling for the room.

Bright colors and arty artwork hanging on a wall made the place friendly, bright and cheery on a slightly muggy early afternoon in August.

The bartender said the  pool was filled with salt water.

Well, sure, to reach our beaches - and the ocean - means having to get in your car and driving a few miles.

We remarked that it didn't seem very busy today.

The server  smiled and said  she'll look back fondly on these quieter days after the 1-BR and 2-BR Flats are completed and start leasing.

The population in the neighborhood will grow by leaps and bounds she added..

Looking up, I saw a grouse that was famous, hanging out with a bird friend who probably wasn't.

A Modelo Mexican beer in a can, about to be served, had the traditional lime slice wedged into the opening.

I could hear children splashing and enjoying themselves in the pool right outside.

Two other couples came in and took seats at tables.

Don't know if they "lived there" or were visitors too.

Not sure if any of the Flats have opened yet.

Finishing my meal, and heading for a movie, I thanked our server and wished her well as the crowds grow larger.

I had the feeling she looked forward to it.

Nice working for a company that can afford to open to a smaller audience and be patient until all the pieces are in place.

I'm thinking they're going to have to enlarge the parking lot.

Make one MUCH bigger.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

The links will provide all the promotional details on the rates and amenities.

I had stopped by when Allagash Brewing "took over the taps" a few months ago in the Market and enjoyed myself.

Now I've sampled an upscale taco.

Park Circle is expanding.

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At Fri Aug 30, 08:18:00 AM , Blogger Paul said...

That Modelo reminds me of what someone in San Miguel told me: You can get any type of beer here that you want, as long as it is Modelo. :) He was right. In the whole town, that's all that they served.

Nice looking place there. You do get around, Chuck. 500+ different beers in two years??? You are a aficionado!

At Fri Nov 08, 12:58:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

I once showed the app to someone and said I had had that many beers in about ONE year. They looked stunned,
which was the reaction I wanted.


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