Thursday, September 19, 2013


I recently posted shots from a Steely Dan concert.

Here's one I missed with the Melodica.

Tonight I am going back to that same venue.

The Alabama Shakes will play the PAC (Performing Arts Center.)

Tonight probably will NOT be a funky visit to the 1970s.

The video clip is "Hold On" by the Shakes and I look forward to seeing them this evening.

There was a stretch last week of three musical days in a row - evenings actually - but, I'm rested now and ready for some more.

First...the bad news at the Pour House on Maybank Highway.

Ladies, now you'll never get to see the murals that were painted on the walls in the Mens room.

They are gone.

The easily-impressed vegetables are no longer staring.

In shock or surprise.

Or envy.

The more upscale restaurant (LOT)  required a less whimsical approach to bathroom decor.

The good mural news can be seen all around (outside) the Pour House, which just concluded its Third Annual artists competition.

This portion of a mural on the back of the building is NOT the first place winner.

I self-titled this piece as "Playing Mantis," but I was not one of the judges.

The actual winner is on the outside wall of the kitchen - way too dark to see at night.

Glad to see none of last year's winners was covered up.

If they do this again, they're gonna have to add more walls. Or erect more fences.

Inside, one of the nights, was a very small crowd for a brother and sister act from Florida.

Counting the band, there probably were more people on stage than in the club.

Hey, it happens.

Booking acts must be a very hard thing to do and difficult to be 100% on target.

The band's fans/following (or lack thereof), the night of the week, what else is going on around town and, even the weather.

All of these factors have to be considered.

But, as always, the sound set up was excellent.
Crowds were no problem for the CD-release party of the Acoustic Syndicate.

The Rooftop Garden is their first new CD in 7 years and eagerly accepted.

It's always jam-packed when they come to town and play the PoHo.

Because I have photographed them often, this time I focused on one of the harmonizing lead singer cousins, Steve McMurray.

Being close - and zooming in even closer - I share a crisp  view of his fuzzy chin whiskers.
Stopping one night at the Royal American, we saw Blair Crimmins and The Hookers crammed onto a very small stage.

There actually were two openers that night: the Flat Foot Floozies and Double Trash or Tricks or Tramps in its name.

Went well with "The Hookers."

Six people on stage was a wonder of space control.

Behind Blair and the horn section was a double bass player and a drummer with a complete set up.
Back at the Pour House, I saw the Dirty Bourbon River Band from New Orleans again.

I had enjoyed this jumping band back in May so I was prepared for the drum solo toward the end.

Drumming on a keg should be part of the act for every band.

Yes, it was an empty keg.

(Click on the photo for more details.)

It was a week of seeing new acts as well an an old, old re-visited act from the 70s.

Good sounds and lots of fun.

Keg tossing is different from Keg Drumming.

Both use empties.

And, ladies, here's another look at the men's restroom at the Pour House.

How it used to look.

An ear of corn* should never be that happy.

Or waving.

I never waved back.

Thanks for stopping by.

Support live music.

*Or, is it a banana?

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At Sun Oct 06, 10:53:00 AM , Blogger Mandy Oviatt said...

Wow, those "vegetables in the bathroom" murals were odd.
Though there is something to be said about good bathroom murals.
And a keg drum? that has to sound amazing!


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