Saturday, February 16, 2013

No 'Ritas? No cerveza?

Chipotle FINALLY came to Charleston May 15. 2012.

Well, North Charleston.

On Rivers Avenue at Ashley Phosphate Road

The first day crowds were just that ...CROWDS.

This shot was taken at 9 pm, shortly before closing on Day One.

People like their huge burritos.

As I got closer to being served and was scanning the overhead menu, I saw a white sign taped over the margaritas and beer prices.

It said the liquor license was pending. I had a Coke instead.

I was in the area yesterday and stopped to maybe have a late lunch.

Oops. the license was still pending? Nine months later?

I chatted with the manager who said "We will not be serving alcohol here."

He added they were within 500 yards of a church and the law was pretty clear.

No 'ritas. Nada.

"So, it looks like somebody goofed in picking the site, " I stated.

He responded that the church WAS 500 yards away but, before they opened, it added a gym and that made it only 300 yards from the new eatery.

I have had fine food - and a beer - at the Chipotle in Columbia and Charlotte and looked forward to doing that here. There even was talk of another one opening in Mt. Pleasant but apparently that fell through.

Wonder if this is the only one  in the chain that does NOT serve alcohol?

To clarify, I did use Photoshop to remove light poles and wires, etc. to make the photo less cluttered and the church more visible.

The Manager said he could see it clearly.

Every day.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

To be fair, this is not really a bar so the lack of booze probably does not hurt the food operation that much.

It just struck me as an odd situation.

And a challenge for my Photoshop skills.

Compare the two images.

Thanks for stopping by.

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At Sat Feb 16, 07:52:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

Ah, the South and their churches and laws concerning such.


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