Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When It pours, it pours....

Went downtown tonight with my favorite fellow blogger Joan Perry.

We attended a media event put on by Crown Royal  introducing its new Maple Finished whisky.

(Yes, my "fisheye" lens popped up again. I've been distorting images for several weeks now.)

Troy Sidle, the mixologist who held stage center, was brought in from New York City for the pouring of the new product.

And pour he did.

And mix and stir.

And shake.

We were upstairs at  Social Restaurant + Wine Bar on East Bay Street in the midst of Tweeters.

And Bloggers.

And other sorts of social media.

Tonight, though, we were on the other side of the camera and bright lights.

Video and photos were being taken everywhere and Troy was making an array of drinks with the newest flavor - Maple.

One opportunity of the evening was a chance to create your own special drink...using Crown Royal

Various ingredients were laid out so there would be a time to be creative.

We were encouraged to also come up an outrageous name for our concoction.

Prizes would be awarded for the most original.

Before that, though, the group crowded in close to the bar and made a rousing Crown Royal toast, led by Gerard Graham.

His card identifies him as "Master of Whisky."

I mentioned to Gerard I had seen an ad for the Maple finished product today on ESPN.

He explained it was being introduced all around the country, and they were a sponsor of Pardon The Interruption.

Getting support from social media seems to be a new way to supplement advertising.

Or enhance it.

This makes sense.

As a blogger, I have an audience as I move around Charleston, trying new places and posting my reactions and opinions.

I'm a consumer. Talking to other consumers.

Many sources gives diners a chance to post comments about their experience.

It used to be "if you're happy - tell others. If you're unhappy - tell me."

The intent would be to correct problems.

Keep customers happy and coming back.

Or try our newest product.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

It was a nice mixture this evening.

An entertaining and talented bartender. A company that wants to get the word out on Facebook and Tweets and blogs.

And meeting with fellow members of this new - and exciting - media.

Hey, give it a shot.

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