Monday, January 07, 2013

The NEW computer....

The new computer has been ordered.

It should arrive next week as soon as the over-worked elves put it together.

Buying just after the holiday season is less frantic. Well, maybe not up at the North Pole.

Yep, it's another DELL, not the HP I was thinking about earlier that was based solely on a bargain price.

You get what you pay for although the prices do seem to go up and down a lot. Every other day.

The Dell Inspiron 660 will come with 6GB of memory, up from the 4GB RAM I had before.

The 1TB hard drive is larger than the 650GB in my dead Dell.

I had to bob and weave to get the Windows 7 operating system. They sure are pushing the new (despised by many) Windows 8. I had to look in the "home office business" section.

The "7" is faster and more intuitive.

Hey, I need all the help I can get.

For four years I had been using Windows Vista. And people hated it too.

The good news is all of my files are intact even after the old computer pooped out on Christmas Eve.

TWO backup hard drives sit on my desk, capturing everything automatically.

One on Wednesday and one on Sunday.

Somewhere else - in case the physical computer set up is destroyed - ALL my stuff sits on a Carbonite cloud site.

Early on I realized that digital photography meant there was no negative to hold in your hand. One "crash" could take away all your photographs hence the redundant back ups.

A buddy told me of a new twist he has on shooting and developing 35mm black and white film.

In a dark area, he winds the exposed film onto a roller and puts it in a daylight developing tank. Runs through the chemicals then washes and dries the film. Sounds like how I did it back in the 1950s.

But THEN he scans the frames into his computer and does all the "darkroom magic" digitally. Mixing old school with high tech. I like it.

(Click on the pictures - and links - for more detail.)

At my age, I'm glad I'm able to enjoy using a computer.

My Smartphone is smarter than I.

I grew up with a rotary dial phone.

Hooked to the wall with a cord.

It never was misplaced or lost.

Or stolen.

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At Mon Jan 07, 01:56:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

Congratulations on the purchase of your new computer, Chuck, or CC. :) It is rather difficult to get an earlier version of the operating system once they decide to change to the next, regardless of how many people hate it! I've only seen it happen one time that they actually went back, that was with the whole XP->Vista thing. People hated Vista so much that Dell went back to loading XP! LOL

I'm sure that you'll have a grand time with it.

At Sat Jan 12, 12:24:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun with it. I had problems with Vista from the start. Each time they sent an update, the worse it got. I had to replace the mother board after only a few months. Later on, their Tech guy told me I should have been given a new computer. I swore I would never get a Microsoft product again. Sadly, I lost all my photos. (Cathy)

At Sat Jan 12, 09:48:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

OUCH! That is harsh. Hopefully now you have a back up system in place.We depend on computers so much, it's sad when they bite us in the butt.

At Fri Sep 06, 05:29:00 PM , Anonymous Nicholas P said...

Good job on having a redundant backup system. A lot of people put so much trust into one hardware to save all their files.

I have a NAS to backup my computers at home and carbonite (gotta love them!) to back those up. I needed a laptop and got this - dell inspiron 15 - when traveling. I love the dell inspiron series and I know the laptop will be just as good.

How is your dell going anyway?


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