Saturday, December 15, 2012

Feasting On Fish....

Like many bloggers, I often take pictures when I am served a great meal.

We move the plate around a bit to get it's "good side."

People sitting nearby probably nudge one another and say "Must be one of those bloggers."

This time, even the server at Hyman's Seafood  was a little surprised when I said "I'm not quite finished with this fried flounder."

If ever there was a time when a Kitty Bag was needed instead of a Doggie Bag, this was it.

Of course I know that fish bones could be harmful so I did not have it boxed for take away.

"There's a reason there's usually a line out front," I was told by Eli Hyman.

In addition to the tourists, Eli markets to locals and welcomes them year round. I get a happy birthday discount letter every year.

I can testify that the crab cakes are very special.

Did you know that a family member - usually Eli or 5th generation son-in-law Brad -  is there every night and goes from table to table to chat and collect feedback?

That's attention to detail.

I ate there before going to the Music Farm to see two of my favorite acts.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops and, the opener, The Two Man Gentleman Band. Both have appeared here before.

But this was the final show on the current tour and I knew it would be special.

We did NOT get to see the vibrant "barefoot dance" by Rhiannon Giddens this time.

She - obviously - was quite pregnant but assured us the baby was not due....for another 3 weeks. Yikes.

Her feet were moving around to the beat but she remained seated. And, for that, we thank you.

The group won a "Traditional Folk Album" Grammy but saw the category was then eliminated.

However, this year their new  "Leaving Eden" album has been nominated for another Grammy.

It's in a new "Best Folk" category.

I think the first time I saw the foursome was at the Cistern  Area of the College of Charleston during a Spoleto Piccolo event.

Great setting.

Great sound.

Billed as a roots band, Dom Flement gave us an excellent run on jug.

Rhiannon strummed and slapped a replica of an 1850s minstrel banjo.

This instrument was closer to the type that originated in Africa, she explained.

(Click on the photos to see more details).

The cellist in the CCD is Leyla McCalla from Jamaica and on bass and harmonica is Hubby Jenkins.

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At Sat Dec 15, 06:04:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

I've eaten at Hyman's 3 times and each time, I promise myself that I'll try something else, but each time, I get the Crispy Flounder, their specialty and each time the service and the food is superb!

Maybe "next time" I'll get something different, but don't take any bets on that, please!


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