Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remember the classic movie "A Christmas Story?"

One of the famous scenes is how the family had their holiday meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Oh yeah, the goose with the long neck.

My Thanksgiving kinda happened like that.

My buddy had to work so we headed out around 7pm on Thanksgiving to check out the few restaurants that were open.


No, none would be available with turkey toppings.

An Indian restaurant was open nearby but we thought maybe we should try something new.

A small Vietnam place - Phuong - had just opened near my house so we headed there.

It was SO new (only 3 days open) that it still did not have a beer or wine license. I ordered sweet tea.

Obviously a  SOUTH Vietnam beverage.

The Spring rolls were wrapped around shrimp and beef and included flavorable basil.

I was so hungry I skipped photos of the meal but it was tasty pork chops on top of steamed rice and a small salad.

The cup of fish sauce added some additional flavor when I drizzled it over the meat.

We agreed the meal was worthy of another visit in the future.

The lady who took our order did not speak much English but we later found she was the owner.

Her son came over to speak with us and to answer any questions we had.

The college-aged young man said he was helping the family-run eatery get up and running.

He told us that on the planned opening day, there were delays getting the CO (Certificate of Occupancy) and it was received literally a few minutes before they opened the doors to the first diners. Whew.

Years ago, on a trip to Montreal,  I saw a replica of the leg-in-a-stocking lamp that Ralphie's dad received as a present.

I laughed out loud and could see why the Mom was not too eager to have it shining in their home.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

This holiday season, be sure to look for this classic film. Funny and nostalgic.

And think twice about giving a youngster a BB gun as a present.

Take your family for a Christmas meal at an Asian restaurant.

Try the pork chops and sweet tea. And Pho.

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