Monday, October 29, 2012

Tourist Sights and Sites Stuff...

Have you heard the one about "Three cousins came to Charleston?"

They are about as shy as a politician 6 days before election day.

On the Market they saw the stick-your-head-in poster and did.

I took a picture. We each did our thing.

There is one block where 3-4 shops invite you to "have a free sample."
Pralines and fudge.Took a while to get to the next block

The peanut store has open containers and little spoons. Who could resist?

To distract them, I had to point out the 13-story cruise ship anchored at the foot of Market Street.

And to not sit down on the patio at Bubba Gump to play the trivia game with the waitress.

On lower King Street - antique row - I steered them down an interesting alley.

It ambled its way to a picturesque moss-laden cemetery.

The Oldest Unitarian church in the South was closed so one of the sisters leaned in close and peeked through the key hole.

She suggested I take a picture. Through the key hole.

I did. That's what I do.

We passed several art galleries and one had real artists working. Live art..

There were two daubing paint on stretched canvas.

One was working from a photograph.

The other had an image in his mind.

I call this picture "ARTIST INTERUPTUS"  but he didn't seem to mind.

He explained how he mixed paints to produce certain colors.

He creates paintings. I take pictures.

That's what we do.

.The cousins were in town for just a few days.

One I had not seen since we both were teenagers. About 50 years ago.

She lives in Kansas City, Missouri

Her younger sibling I did not remember. She must have been the pesky kid sister. She still lives in Chicago.

The other cousin also lives in Chicago. 

They all had cameras and cell phone cameras. I already have sent them pictures and I expect quite a few in return.

We spent most of a day at Folly Beach - before the surfers gathered at the Wash Out - and back downtown for dinner.

Of course we all had seafood. 

Well, the shrimp are NOT as fresh in their hometowns.

We had good weather Wed, Thurs, Friday and Sunday. 

Cloudy and rainy Saturday made going into the Old Slave Mart a smart - and dry - choice as did a narrated bus tour.
Inside is better. Out of the sprinkles and brief showers.

I remembered that the Hop On - Hop Off  D A S H trolley was free so we zipped around town on that transportation.

They now all have reported in from home, safe and sound. Airlines were on the edge of reacting to Hurricane Sandy but no cancelled flights for them.

A nice cousin reunion.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

They knew about grits but the boiled peanuts caused some curious hesitation.

A little late, I explained you remove the shell first.

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At Wed Oct 31, 04:11:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the storm stays clear of your area. How nice to catch up with relatives you've not seen for so long.(Cathy)


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