Monday, October 15, 2012

Wanda Sykes & My Camera....


It's usually fun to be sitting down in Row AA.

That's the first row.

But this time, Wanda Sykes spotted me and my camera even though the bright spotlight was shining in her eyes.

Sometimes you DON'T want attention.

This was such a case.

The PAC (Performing Arts Center) in North Charleston has been good and bad for me and my photography.

I attend a lot of live performances and usually have my small camera with me. If the ticket states "No Photography Allowed" I leave it at home.

The digital  Canon S90 is great in low light situations - and even better with good stage lighting - and I never use flash.

I felt that would be rude and intrusive.

Flashes go off all around me sometimes and it seems everyone is holding up a Smartphone with a built-in camera.

Sometimes Security is the problem but never before have I had a performer stop, stare at me and do a mini-tirade about me taking pictures.

"Hey, Mr. Cameraman, you got your shot yet?"

I was indeed taking quite a few and apparently it distracted her.

Musicians can keep on playing but stand-up comedians have a LOT memorized and need to keep concentrating on what comes next.

My buddy was sitting next to me as I squirmed in my seat.

He remembered her telling the audience "And he has a real shi*ty camera - has to keep adjusting it and fiddling with it." 

Thanks for prolonging my misery Ms. Wanda!

I put away my camera at that point.

Didn't want another round of her wrath.

She continued her funny routine and singled out others in the audience for special darts and taunts.

Guess I was just part of her act.

Responding to hecklers comes naturally.

But, a guy quietly trying to take some quality pictures? 

I suppose I could have had a Larry David moment (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and jumped up to defend my camera and my "rights" as a paying customer.

She appeared in 8 episodes battling with Larry.

Instead, I settled back and enjoyed the laughs.

At the end, when the audience rose to applaud, I caught her eye and used my hands to mimic a camera and mouthed "Click." She smiled and returned the friendly gesture.

No, I did NOT have my camera in my hands.

Would have made a great shot of her though.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Unless prohibited, I'll continue to travel with my camera.

Did I mention Wanda had a torn seam in the right leg of her pants?

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At Wed Oct 17, 10:28:00 PM , Blogger Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

The pictures are great but the story is even better. You had me laughing!


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