Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That time already?

Seems like I just did a power wash not that long ago?

Got a handful of cousins flying in tomorrow and want the house to look nice.

The deck will be the first thing they see as we lug suitcases up the steps..

Hmm, the boards have a green tint.

What's it all about, Algae?

The pressure washer had tackled this several times before so I know the drill.

Plug the cord in the wall and the hose into the machine. Turn the water on full.

Set the pressure kind of low and start at one end and hose over all the flat areas.

Because this is the third time I've done this, I checked the dates of photos I've taken before and it was 2 years ago and, before that, it was four years before cleaning was needed..

Maybe I tried to stretch the water repellent too far when I applied it the last time?

I bought several cans for this go around. My time - and my aching back - is worth the few extra dollars.

You'd think science would have developed a way by now to alert you when it's time to re-do the deck surface.

I mean, I see this message on dirty cars quite often.

Surely that same technology could be applied to wooden decks.

Or is the car message "Wash me?"

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I am sure my cousins will be impressed with the nice clean entrance to my home.

If we spill anything,  it will bead up on the surface.

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