Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bonsoir, Mesdames et Messeurs.....

 You go to the Pour House on James Island for many different types of music.

Touring national acts such as Taj Mahal and Leon Russell.

Regional stars like Tinsley Ellis.

Assorted Jam Bands and even up-and-coming local performers.

But, the night before Halloween, I went to brush up on my Cajun French.

C'est bon.

The Lost Bayou Ramblers are on tour and dodged Hurricane Sandy by being safely down in the south instead of up in New York. Huh?

Sounds crazy and mixed up but they announced they were next heading to Brooklyn. They said they will call first to make sure it was still a viable venue.

The group was started in Pilette, LA by the Michot brothers.

 Louis on violin and vocals and Andre on Cajun "Squeezebox" (aka Acadian single-row diatonic button accordion.)

The bass player is Cavan Curruth and the drummer is known as Deathwish

His real name is Pauley Etheredge but the band heard it differently and call him "Death" for short.

They don't call him that while going through airport security.

Click the link to hear the music and the Cajun French vocals. Sing along as a few did at the PoHo.

The beat made the dancers in the crowd VERY happy and energetic

Strictly speaking it was not "just" Cajun or Zydeco.

Lots of that of course but also a blend of  Punk Rock, Jazz and even some French Rap.

The tinkling of tiny (and large) triangles was a counterpoint as was Andre with his laptop guitar.

It emitted a series of tones rather than slide-type  guitar notes.

Sort of a bayou didgeridoo with strings rather than a wind instrument.

They announced their long-awaited vinyl record had just been released so check that out.

It was a quiet, chilly Tuesday  and I think the promise of a French-speaking evening with a band from Louisiana is what brought us out to the Pour House.

Being the Eve of Halloween meant a few patrons showed up in costume.

Yes, that was a green-haired bumblebee sitting on the front of the stage during the break.

The band came back for a full second set and the bee went buzzing.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

Halloween was a bust again at my house the next night.

No kids stopped by and I am forced to eat the candy I bought.

Luckily I buy the kind I like.


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