Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Face IS Familiar....

I'm sure that everyone who has ever traveled to see the Mt. Rushmore site has taken a picture like this.

Using Photoshop, I tried to create a granite effect on the added face.

And he's not even an American!

Geoff  Marshall was on an extended visit to South Carolina from England.
He stayed here several years.

He is an excellent videographer who taped and produced a delightful travelogue of his drive though all of the contiguous states before he headed back to London.

50 for 50 - Yes, he had already visited Hawaii and Alaska.

I met him through my blog and followed his antics as he shot/edited videos for the Post & Courier during Spoleto.

A funny bloke, Geoff also trained up through several levels of improv  classes offered by Theatre 99.
Through the wonders of the internet, we have chatted a few times since he returned to the UK.

I remembered the altered photo of him in the Dakotas and sent him a copy today.

Thought I'd share the effect with you as well.

Actually, when I watch Craig Ferguson on the CBS Late, Late Show, he reminds me of Geoff.

No, NOT the skeleton robot sidekick named Geoff.

 Craig bears a facial resemblance to the Geoff I know.

But Craig is from Scotland. And doesn't like the British very much. But he likes Geoff.

This is getting confusing.

(Click on the photos to see more detail.)

There are only four faces at Mount Rushmore.

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