Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top Drawers Entertainment...

OK. Let's just start...toward the end.

Nathan Palmer is the lead singer for Truckstop Preachers.

He led his band in an "open" manner last night at Tin Roof. Yes, his pants are down around his ankles.

Most of the set he was whipping his shirt on and off so the drop trou was a natural progression.

On my blog in the past,  I have shown a totally nude guy on stage, so this stopped just short of that extreme exposure.

Nathan had fun. We all did.

We were warned by the opening act The Defilers that Nate was "sorta touchy-feely" with the audience. Arleigh Hertzler, lead singer for the opener, said they would stick around .... but at a safe distance.

The band is from Charlotte and were in town to play a wedding at Folly Beach today (Saturday).

Man, that must have been SOME beach party!

Nate sang  Cash, Elvis and Buck Owens songs while holding up over-sized poster faces.

He explained the shirt he kept taking off and putting back on, was handmade by his 92-year old grandmother.

She died unexpectedly, he added.

Had not seen this group before so the antics may have been performance art rather than alcohol-induced.

Either way, the crowd seemed to enjoy his coming off stage and groping the fans.

A lot of booze and beer WAS being consumed so maybe the good feelings were shared.

Arleigh of the Defilers came back onstage for the final number together.

He was wearing his signature tattered straw hat and Nathan wore his ripped shirt.

Nate announced they had a good time and probably would just call in sick to the wedding.

I hope he was kidding.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The Tin Roof is a great spot for "different" types of music.

Every time I go there, I tell them they are terrific.

Check it out.

I got permission to pop in the back door onto the stage, crouch down and take a shot of the Defilers while they were performing.

That was cool.

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