Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Liking More Keb' Mo'....

Not sure when Keb' Mo' last came here, but even he said from the stage it had been "too long."

The three-time Grammy winner played Friday at the Charleston Music Hall - where I saw him his the last time here - and he was warmly welcomed.

It was nearly a sell out crowd of adoring fans.

He gave back a lot of love along with his music.

It was an acoustic set and he used all three guitars arrayed around him.

He sat atop a stool in the midst of a Winter Wonderland setting of glistening powdery snow?

(The stage was set up for the annual Christmas Show at the downtown  music venue.)

Several photographers discretely moved back and forth in front of the stage during his first song.

Then they quickly left to meet press deadlines and we all settled back for a fine evening of blues, jazz, R&B and soul.

Charleston music audiences are not shy about "suggesting" favorites they would like to hear.

Lots of them.

At one point Keb" (born Kevin Moore) smiled and pushed away his set list with his left foot.

"Don't know why I even bothered to write them down," he told the happy crowd and played what was requested.

He shooed away a security staffer who came over to a couple that hopped up and started dancing right in front of the stage.

"That lady in the red pants came here to dance with her man. I have no problem with that."

He played new songs and old ones.

Guitars were switched smoothly as he changed tempo and played such hits as "Suitcase" "Just Like You" and "Come On Back."

Other hits came from his albums "The Door" and "The Reflection."

By the end of the show, and an encore, the audience was on its dancing feet and he high-fived his way off stage.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

I'm thinking it was about three years since Keb' Mo' was in town.

He said to the audience that there was a "really fine restaurant next door. Can't remember its name, but it's good."

Hearing 50+ people shout out "39 Rue De Jean"
showed a lot of brand awareness.

And civic pride.

He's right of course.

It's a great for dinner and an after theater spot for dessert and coffee.

Can't remember if the coffee is French Press?

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