Monday, December 03, 2012

High Tech Dining...

Of course they bring you a menu at Burwell's Stone Fire Grill. It's handsome and nicely bound.

And a printed wine list. And the list of desserts offered.

The usual printed things you find at  most dining places.

But...they also hand you an iPad?

Our server Meredith explained it had all the updated information (such as the changing craft beers available) AND displayed pictures of the meals.

Oh yeah. In full color.

I also realized that I did not show the crab cake dinner that Joan had ordered.

We eagerly shared back and forth so she knew how good my  petite filet was as I prepared hers "well done."

The crab cake lumps she transferred to my plate allowed me to savor what she had ordered.

That is shredded potato in the center of the platter.
Joan informed me. "Takes a lot to get the taste," she added.

Several have asked what the dessert was.

I would say a white  gelatin with sweet-tasting crispy thin cookies stuck in the top.

Oh, Joan told me we were enjoying panna cotta.

(Go ahead, treat yourself by clicking on the pictures.)

That's probably the last I'll say about the new restaurant. I think it fills a niche and will do well.

Well, when I eat there again, I might take some more pictures.

To share with you.

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