Friday, December 21, 2012

..A little of this and a bit of that ......

The year is winding down and there are pictures and topics I haven't included in this blog.

The world didn't end today, so I have more time to do some postings.

The Christmas lights on Marion Square caught my eye a few nights ago so I walked around a bit.

Inside the main lighted  "tree" I bumped into a couple who were trying to hold their camera at arm's length for a shot.

I asked if they wanted me to take their picture?

"Yes," they answered, pleased that I had offered.

I raised my camera and they looked stunned.

"Oh," I said, "you want me to use YOUR camera." I like to mess with people's minds a lot.

Speaking of photos, a friend of mine,  Alistair Nicol,  had a special show of his landscape photos in Mt. Pleasant at the Troubador Coffee.

It was also the first anniversary of the cozy spot so quite a crowd gathered and saw his work.

Two were printed on "metal" surfaced paper and the shiny effect was, well, dazzling.

At one of our recent Photo Group meetings, a fellow member put his camera on his tripod, extended the legs fully and then raised it high over his head.

He had set the timer so a few seconds later, it snapped a photo looking down.

Try this sometime.

It is a surprising high angle view.

I see my multiple chins disappear when I'm looking up like that.

Closer to home, I had my handyman come by to fix my dryer vent problem.

We all know a build up of lint could be a fire hazard. He said I had a hazard-in-the-works.

No matter how carefully I attached the flexible 4" hose, it crimped when I pushed the dryer back into place. He said the vinyl tube is illegal.

I described the situation and he picked up a solution on his way over.

Had never seen a metal "periscope vent" contraption like that but it was cut to size and slipped together. Inside, all smooth metal.

He attached one end to the dryer and the other to the outside opening and lint now flies out the vent like a miniature snow storm. 

Sometimes you can't get right in front of the stage with your camera.

Maybe it's too crowded or maybe one person is taking up a LOT of room so you hang back a bit.

This guy appeared to be the biggest fan for Popa Chubby at the Pour House.

Popa stopped playing to remark "You have a lot of stamina, don't you?"

I've seen him before in the audience and his energy level is very, very high.
He reminds me that usually I am the oldest person there. 

And probably the only one wearing protective ear plugs.

Another night I was enjoying Blair Crimmins and the Hookers at the PoHo. 
They play a great sound of jazzy 1920s and the pace is outrageous. 

A local Swing Dancers club always shows up when Blaire comes to town.

This night I decided that a black and white, grainy photograph would capture the tone and tempo of the evening.

(Please click on the photo for more details.)

I hate when I let pictures and events pile up. 

That's when the world would end.



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