Thursday, January 03, 2013

I don't have the balls...

Guess I'm not really a dedicated bowling enthusiast.

Oh sure, I've spent time in the gutter, usually stayed in my lane and missed my share of strikes, spares and splits.

But I never bought my own bowling ball.

My game was not good enough for that very personal expense.

I'm a "house" bowler. Use what's provided and hope the hole spacing fits my hand. I also rent the funny multi- colored shoes too.

People walk into the place carrying  their own zipped bowling bag and they are cool.

I was visiting the Post and Courier building downtown and saw "The Alley" across the street at 131 Columbus Street. It's been opened a few months.

A friend told me the food is catered by Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ so I know that taste.

It would be familiar comfort food.

The really good players brag about bowling a 300 game.

If I combined the scores of two of my games, I've probably rolled at least 300.

Well, maybe add three together.

I do plan to check it out.

Maybe invite my Photography Group to bring their cameras and snap the colorful graphics.

Wonder if any of them carry a camera bag AND a bowling bag?

Oh, never sniff the shoes they hand you.

No, really!


(Click on the photos for more detail.)

The newest downtown alley.

Like the Ravenel Bridge, it has 8 lanes.

Fits right in.

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