Sunday, January 20, 2013

Take THIS Lens Away From Me......


Enough already.

Yes, my new camera came with a "fisheye lens" effect.

I've never had such a lens before.

That's pretty obvious.

It's possible I have overused it. Extremely likely.

Straight lines are natural in a photograph.

Hardly, however, ever seen when using this lens effect.

Fortunately, re-reading the instructions, I see it has three settings.

"Small, Medium and Large."

I certainly have seen how the "Large" effect works.

Will experiment more with less and least of the fisheye effects.

Meanwhile, here is a view of the NEW computer that replaces the one that died completely on Christmas Eve.

You'll notice I use two monitors.

Bought a new, larger 27" screen one and offered the older, smaller one for sale.

No takers.

Then I remembered how to adjust so the two could work in tandem.

I move all the pesky - but needed - icons over to the right screen and have the full screen on the left to play with.

(Click on these distorted images to see more warped details.)

Oh, I did use the effect at Theatre 99 last night.

It was the final night of the 10th Annual Comedy Fest.

I think I have this out of my system now!

NOT Theatre 99. Not Comedy Fest.

Not Brandy Sullivan or Greg Tavares. Not even Timmy Finch.

They were the original Have Nots who started this comedy madness. Thanks!

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At Sun Jan 20, 07:45:00 PM , Blogger Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I wouldn't advise taking a picture of any women with that lens. It might break :)


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