Tuesday, January 15, 2013

They Added A 4th Show....

The Blue Man Group came back to Charleston a few days ago.

Here's one of the three. Or it might be one of the others.

They basically all look alike.

And they ARE very blue.

Even their ears and lips.

(But, they don't play the Blues.)

I saw them years ago in their Chicago base theater and was blown away.

Such creativity.

Such coordination.

Such fun.

They were part of the season ticket Broadway Series at the Performing Arts Theater (PAC) and I had trouble finding a good seat.

Then they added a fourth show - a Sunday 2:00 pm matinee,

Got the 2nd row seat I wanted.

It came with a warning: plastic ponchos would be issued for the first 3 rows.

To protect us from flying paint.

And other things thrown into the audience.

 My kinda show.

Last time there at the PAC, Wanda Sykes singled me out with her  "Hey Mr. Camera man, you got your shot yet?" comment.

That was when I sat in the first row.

With no protection.

This time, you'd think Gallagher was going to smash watermelons onstage.

I figured no Blue Man would target someone in the SECOND row.

But they did roam around the hall - even walking over seat backs - and found victims, er, I mean participants, for various interactions.

A sweet young lady joined them onstage and was seated at a dining table for an interesting meal.

She was covered in a protective outfit which was fortunate as things got squishy and messy pretty quickly.

An overhead camera looked down to show us the white plates and the various items introduced as "food."

Let's just say TWINKIES are still part of this show.

The finale included giant lighted "beach balls" that were blown into the audience.

We got to reach up and push them back into the air and it was total audience activity.

Then white rolls of paper were shot from the stage.

Huge rolls of paper - like crazed TP - zoomed out, fell and enveloped the laughing crowd.

The trio called out the band, the helpers and others in the traveling show.

They all took a well-deserved bow.

Then the bright colorful lights started flashing behind them and they waved a "Thank You Charleston."

That concluded their 4th show in three days.

The crowd quickly moved to the exits but I took one look back.

The PAC staff were getting into their part of the Business called Show.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

Of course the sign in the lobby said "No photography or recording allowed."

But I DID wait till nearly the end before I edged out my camera.

I didn't want to get thrown out too soon.

The BMG was a big hit in Charleston.

When they come back...go see them.

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