Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Blog Created For the 134 Gang....

When I retired from The Post and Courier newspaper in 2004, I was invited to join the P&C Retirees Group.

I did become a member.

It's been fun to meet quarterly (Jan/Apr/July/Oct) on the last Friday for lunch and BS sessions.

I must have missed a meeting a few years back.

Now I am the one who makes the lunch plans and sends out the meeting notices.

Memo to self: Don't miss meetings.

My first quarter or two we met at Ryan's in West Ashley.

Then, for about 5-6 years, at the grille next to the Shrine Club on Patriot's Point.

Last year that grille closed and we moved up Highway 17 to the Liberty Taproom and Grille.

Every three months I would prepare to announce the upcoming meeting.

I have learned to NOT mail the postcard until the evening of the Friday before. I forgot once a few showed up a week early.

A Friday is a Friday when you're retired.

About 60 postcards go out and 20 notices are emailed electronically.

I have watched postage climb over the years.

Wish everyone had access to computers with the joy - and ease - of email.

MUCH easier for me.

At the Liberty, the General Manager Michael Ball and our server T.J., arranged the tables the way I requested.

We have had as many as 25 show up for a quarterly lunch and as few as 7.

Retired people don't bother with RSVP so every time attendance is a surprise.

This time there were 15 of us and a few new faces were in the crowd.

One of the newcomers suggested we post some pictures of the group so other members would see what they were missing.

Not a bad idea.

I had my camera - of course - and was taking pictures.

When I got home I created a new blog for the Retirees Group. Click on the link if you want to see more.

Because the newspaper was at 134 Meeting Street for many decades, when the new plant opened further uptown, it was numbered as 134 Columbus Street.

I proposed changing the name of the retirees group to the 134 Gang and it was approved.

We actually could sing "Hail, hail, the gang's all here" if everyone showed up.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Yes, you noticed the dreaded fisheye lens followed me to the meeting.

They were impressed.

Well, that's what they said to my face.

Thanks for stopping by.

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