Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey, Down In Front!

So you're at this music venue listening to some really good music.

 Mudcat Dedeck is playing terrific Gospel and Blues.

I had enjoyed Mud several years ago in Atlanta at The Northside Tavern.

People are dancing and moving all around.

Then this guy plants himself in front of you as he talks with a friend.

They converse back and forth for quite a while.

It must have been YEARS since they last saw each other. Lots of catching up to do.

His other buddy is up ahead of him but not blocking my view.

I'm pretty sure they came in together. With several others. Bikes parked out front.

I decided I could shift a little to my right and keep taking pictures. That's what I did.

The next night I was back at the same venue for a different group The Nick Moss Band (formerly & The Flip Flops.)

Thought I would move in closer and shoot my photos from the side this time.

The place was packed so getting a good angle was a challenge. All the lighting is from above so performers wearing hats create a shadow. Be patient and wait for the proper moment.

Nobody stood still in front of me this night.

Michael Ledbetter, playing on the other guitar, made some beautiful sounds.

These two work smoothly together. The whole band was a solid unit.

This would have been the 23rd annual Lowcountry Blues Bash, presented by Gary Erwin, aka Shrimp City Slim.

Gary announced recently that he was not staging a two-week event this year so Home Team stepped in to provide our needed dose of the Blues. The name Fest replaced Bash.

Long-time supporters of the Blues, they used both the West Ashley and their Sullivan's Island BBQ places as music venues to help fill the gap.

The finale was to bring in Big Bill Morganfield on the final Sunday.

The son of legend Muddy Waters always presents a powerful experience so I plan to be there.

Up front if at all possible.

(Click on the photos for more details).

The concept of a "listening room" for music has not caught on here in Charleston.

Performers have to hope their fans outnumber people who come just to chat - loudly.

It's nice when that does happen.

Thanks for stopping by.

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