Friday, May 22, 2020

HAIR today...and probably tomorrow!

 OK, the stay-at-home mitigation seems to be working.

Ask any barber or hairstylist and they will agree people are NOT hopping into a barber chair.

In my case, my usual "every 6 weeks" trim was last done in early February.

I am not complaining but it reminded me of Past Haircuts I Have Seen and captured with my camera.

The two fellows having lunch were in Vancouver and I looked up to see a perfect match of head and "hair."

I waited for them to NOT notice me and my camera then snapped a photo of the green-haired young man.

In Paris, I spotted this gentleman chatting with his young date.

My camera has a very nice telephoto lens so I was able to back off some distance and be less conspicuous when I caught his hair in windy flight.

I doubt he would have noticed me ..he had eyes only for his female lunch companion.

Here is another candid shot of an impossible - and improbable - hairstyle.

I like it when I don't have to worry about eye contact as I capture a "hairy" moment.

This was at the Charleston International Airport back when people were getting onto planes and flying off with no care in the world.

But, right now as we slowly come out from our hunker down in-place mode, we still want to maintain Personal distancing.

Sitting in a barber chair as someone who is closer than 6 feet away, starts to trim your unruly hair, is very personal and somewhat daunting!

Of course, we both would be wearing masks so that would be a new added element.

Hmmm, I will have to lower mine so he (or she) could trim around my ears.

I am tempted to use my own clippers, and give it a whack at doing it myself.

My present "look" does not approach the famed mug shot of Nick Nolte from years ago but it IS disturbing.

This also is an example of Bad Bed Head so I do try to brush it into a better look.

But, there is SO much hair.

Back when I was playing different roles in tv shows filming here, I asked wardrobe to dress me in a bow tie.

It was a different look and, I believe, shifted attention away from my hair.

But, my hairstyle was still neatly trimmed so it did not present a too shabby look.

OK, guess that's enough about me needing a haircut.

I once saw a hair salon named "Every 6 Weeks" with scissors and a comb on the sign. It'll be nice to get back to that timely routine!

Thanks for stopping by for a virtual visit during the pandemic. Stay safe and wear a mask when you are among others. It is for THEIR safety.

Click on the photos and link for more details. Especially Nick Nolte!

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