Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Playing Awendaw Green TONIGHT...

Caught a nice trio from New Orleans Monday night at Royal American. Ragtime, Delta-folk, rock and roll and fantastic slide work.

His degree is in Jazz Guitar.

Luke Winslow-King announced they would play "The Royal" again on Tuesday.

Wednesday (tonight) catch them at Awendaw Green. It would be a shame to miss these talented musicians who said they really are enjoying their first visit here.

30-year old LWK played 3 different guitars Monday, notably using slide on his Dobro, with amazing energy as he sang along.

Esther Rose played washboard while seated. (Had not seen that before).

Cassidy Holder was slappin'  bass.

Esther, the seated washboardist, said toward the end of the set, that her "instrument" had snapped in half.

Replacing guitar strings often has to be done. But on a washboard?

She held up a broken screwdriver and asked for a roll of tape.

On the next song, I stepped closer and saw she had switched to clanging on a large horse shoe.

Percussion will adapt as needed.

I stifled the urge to suggest the bartender fix her a screwdriver*.

There is just something about Ragtime and Swing music to make a dancer leap to his or her feet.

Tonight was no exception.

The stage at American Royal is high so the musicians looked down and saw results from their efforts.

I believe the background on this venue was to open as an "upscale Dive bar."

Have not tried the potent rum, bourbon or vodka punch yet yet but saw many with the tall cups.

An odd coincidence for this New Orleans band, the menu offers a Muffaletta Sandwich.

Only a few places offer this tasty treat I had enjoyed a few years ago while sitting  and relaxing in Jackson Square.
I saw the price was $20 - YIKES -  but, reading the menu further, saw a half was $11 and a quarter size was available $6.

The olive spread gives it a distinguished and unique taste. Good way to sample something new.

Here's a link to Yelp to see more of an overall view of the venue, food and drink list and it's place for entertainment along the Warehouse Corridor.

There was an opener, and Luke began a little after 10:30 so not a late evening.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Pretty quiet around town after the College of Charleston graduations on Saturday.

It's nice to nibble at the edge of downtown.

Taste a Muffaletta.

*If the bartender uses milk of magnesia instead of orange juice., the drink is called a Phillip Screwdriver.

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