Saturday, April 20, 2013

Short show at the Pour House...

Most shows at the Pour House in West Ashley start late. An "early show" means it begins before 11 pm.

The regulars start coming in around 11 no matter what time the musicians actually start.

Read carefully: it might say DOORS open at 8 and the music starts at 9.

The opening act might start around 9 or later. That happened a few nights ago when "Paul and the Tall Trees" actually began at 9:50 and finished their part a scant 25 minutes later.

The Extraordinaires - the headliner's band - then took the stage and started playing.

Good sounds. Nice active horn section.

After two or three songs, the MC stepped to the mic to announce "Let's give him a great big Charleston, South Carolina welcome!!"

Then, the  STAR headliner of the night, Charles Bradley, exploded onto the stage.

He has been called "The Screaming Eagle of Soul" and, as a young man,  performed as a James Brown impersonator under the name of "Black Velvet."

He showed quite a few of Brown's moves - often dropping down into a split - and playing around with the microphone, hoisting it and the stand into the air.

Not sure what he does to protect his voice but he was indeed singing, screaming and shouting...a LOT. The fans loved it.

After about 25 minutes, he left the stage but came back shortly, wearing a different outfit.

Reading about Bradley online, it says he often comes into the audience for hugs at the end of the show.

The copy quotes him as saying "Not just the first few rows, I like to go all the way to the back of the room."

"That's where I used to stand to see shows and I want everyone to know I appreciate them."

At the end of this Thursday night show at the Pour House  -  just before midnight -  Bradley bounded off the stage  and, I guess, right out the side door.

We didn't see him or the band members again despite the heavy applause and chants of "one more song."

Charles Bradley missed a bunch of hugs from fans who had paid I felt an unusually high $18 cover charge at the door.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

I didn't stop at the Merch Table for a copy of his second album "Victim of Love" that was released a few weeks ago.

The table was set up way at the back of the room.

My cat was surprised to see me home so early.

She noticed my colorful expensive wrist band.

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