Monday, April 08, 2013

Un-banning Cameras...

It used to be that cameras were not allowed in clubs or music venues.

House of Blues in Myrtle Beach comes to mind.  "Your film will be seized" was warned before digital.

By the entrance was a small room with a sign: Pick Up Your Camera Here.

The PAC in North Charleston and the downtown Charleston Music Hall also tried to keep wicked cameras out of their performances.

"Pirating music" with recording devices or making "bootleg" copies we were told cheated the singer or band member.

I've heard  "No professional Cameras allowed," which was defined as one having a removable lens.

But then phones-with-cameras appeared Yikes.

At the Pour House a few nights ago, I prepared to take a picture of Rachael Price, lead singer of Lake Street Dive, and a voice close to my ear whispered "Please, no flash." 

It was the doorman who had taken my "Cover Charge" at the door. Hope he also told the person in front of me.

Home Team - at both West Ashley and Sullivan's Island - hasn't stopped me from taking non-flash pictures. Even of a Zydeco squeezebox player named Johnny Ace.

Whoever added the annoying bright flash on cell phone cameras must have disliked musicians.

The Music Farm - far as I know - has never banned cameras. You catch odd shots.

One night James Thackery's drummer surprised us by moving away from his elevated drum set and marched forward to a steady military drum beat.

I've spent late evenings there enjoying Robert Randolph & The Family Band and many others.

Got some very nice pictures from in front of the stage and from the balcony on either side.

The Pour House offers close up action with your camera as well as having the best sound mix in the area.

Here Rachael Price of LSD, belts a finish to her song.

It helped that the odd placement of the drummer Mike Calabrese on stage right gave me an almost over-his-shoulder view.

Mike Olsen on trumpet & guitar and Bridget Kearney plays the upright bass.

More and more acts are using "elaborate" light shows that add to the entertainment factor.

Earlier in the week I was at the Po' Ho' to see Joy Kills Sorrow.

This talented group featured Matt Arcara and his flat-picking talents so I used software to make him a "Poster Boy" for the evening.

Lead singer is Emma Beaton and Zoe Guigueno is bass.

Wes Corbett plays banjo and Jake Jolliff plays a sweet-toned mandolin.

Emma quipped that without the two ladies, it could be called "Band of Beards."

Because I don't use flash, I feel I'm almost invisible.

Especially in a room filled with phone cameras.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Thanks for stopping by.

Please use your phone cameras responsibly.

Turn off the flash.

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