Saturday, April 06, 2013

Meanwhile, down at the DMV...

The S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles office on Leeds Avenue is sort of a gamble.

Sometimes you breeze in, do your business and are out very quickly.

Other times you stand in line to get to the point where you can stand in line.

Or, more precisely, where you are assigned a number and take a seat and wait to be called.

My driver's license renews this month so I popped over there about 3:30 on Friday.

The line snaked out the door. Ouch.

You shuffle forward and eventually you have your number.

Hmmm..I see they've added something new to help pass the time.

Large Flat-screen tv monitors. With trivia.

Sports headlines. National news updates.

$uccess $tories. "Did you know?" factoids.

And paid advertisers.

Just like you see at airports.

While I sat there ads flashed up on the screen for Trident Tech, State Farm auto insurance, Holt Transmission service, David Hood, Attorney At Law, Road Warriors, Driver's Choice auto insurance, SC HELP mortgage assistance.

But then my number was called and flashed on the screen. Time to go get my picture taken.

Looked at my watch...only been there 42 minutes.

Not bad.

All set for another 5 years.

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