Friday, April 12, 2013

High Tide in Hanahan...

I didn't realize it was even raining this afternoon.

A loud crack and then a deep thunder roll and the cat was at my feet mewing "Hey, make that stop."

She probably thought I was causing the noise and commotion. She knows me well.

It was really pouring down so I looked out over the deck and saw there was more standing water than I had ever seen before.

What to do? I grabbed my camera and an umbrella.

Oh, I don't mean there was actual flooding danger for my car.

But it sure was moving leaves all around the back yard.

And forming interwoven circles of rain drops in the puddles.

It was starting to slack off - "Hey Kitty, no problem, I took care of it" - but I stayed up on the deck.

Just found another good use of having a zoom lens for the first time in many years.

My Mom and Dad moved up here to Hanahan back in 1962 and never spoke of any real flooding in the neighborhood.

I grew up in Ansonborough back in the day (1950s) and we were spared high water there too.

So, rain and puddles to me are just pretty things to photograph.

From under an umbrella. With my feet dry.

Predictions are for a sunny weekend with temps in the upper 70s.

There's an outdoor Blues By The Sea concert down in Freshfields Village I want to attend. They announced it's "rain or shine."

Last year the tourism officials at Kiawah Island bought a huge white tent .... just to make sure shows go on as planned.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

When I came back in with my camera, the cat came out from under the bed.

She thinks I cleared it all up.


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