Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Crossroads Blues concert...

The 2 times a year Blues Festivals actually are not "at" Kiawah. Nor "at" Seabrook

You don't have to go through security.

We park in the Newton's grocery store parking lot at Freshfields Village. It's on Johns Island between the two island gated communities

Arrived early enough to watch the final stages of the giant tent being erected on the village green.

This is the 9th annual Blues By The Sea and the second year (I think) of the tent being used.

I first saw the 40' x 90' tent in October 2011 and thought then it was a great idea.

It was purchased with Kiawah Island accommodations tax dollars and would ensure such events happen rain or shine.

Good for businesses and encourages more visitors to come check out the area. I'm sure concerts result in increased spending for dining, shopping and room nights.

Also don't remember seeing Food Trucks here before.

I was pleased to see a line forming for BBQ at the Low Country Street Eats truck.

There was a booth for a few years by Taco Spot and I regret I never tasted what they offered at the shows I attended at Freshfields.

I discovered them later next to Home Team BBQ in West Ashley. Glad I did. Check it out.

Gary Erwin, founder of these seaside events, is on keys (aka "Shrimp City Slim") as his new discovery Shelly Waters plays guitar and belts out songs.

Born in Louisiana in the heart of Cajun country, Shelly is known as the Swamp Pop Princess.

Yes, the fisheye lens effect has captured the entire stage...with a bit of distortion, as usual.

A cloudy day was predicted and the sun never did break through. It was pleasantly cool.

The rain held off until just a few minutes before the final act was finishing so the entire 2pm to 7pm was completed.
Professor Bottleneck (red jacket) on guitar and Harmonica Frank were born in Germany and play the Blues all over Europe.

Gary met them overseas and invited them to his Kiawah bash.

They were the opening act, followed by Gary and his band, featuring Miss Waters.

Next up was Frankie's Blues Mission, from Atlanta.

Their "mission," Frankie announced, is to present Blues, Jazz,  R&B and Zydeco with all the energy they can muster. And they did.

They were joined on stage by (L) Billy Flynn, who, as they say, has been a mainstay of Chicago Blues style music since the 1980s.

He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, only a 3- hour drive from Chicago, and got started when he was 14 years old.

Flynn plays with the show's headliner Billy Boy Arnold who came on to get the crowd up on its feet, dancin' to the beat.

This Chicago player, singer and songwriter took informal  harmonica lessons in 1948 when he was a 12-year old, from the legendary John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson..

His 1955 Vee Jay record had several songs that were covered in England by The Yardbirds, The Animals and David Bowie.

In the printed program, we were reminded this is his first performance in the Carolina Lowcountry.

It also was announced that the Accommodations Tax Committee has already approved funding for NEXT April in 2014.

There will be a 10th annual Blues By The Sea.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The last time I saw Frankie's Blues Mission was on a cold February night, huddled in a plastic-lined hotel patio overlooking the harbor.

It was part of Gary's winter annual Blues Bash.

Glowing gas heaters fought hard to keep out the cold, the rain, the fog and the chilling wind.

Frankie and his crew had another "Mission".... Warm up the joint.

And, they did.

Today was a delightful Spring Day in Charleston.

The drummer "Clam Chop" waits for his set to begin, smoking and sipping a beer.

Admiring the bright azaleas.

He really is having a good time.

I could tell he is smiling and his beer looks cold.

A happy drummer.

Hard to beat.

A Frisbee Dad has had a lot of practice with his son.

"We've done this since he was 3-years old. He's good at it," he said proudly.

And displayed his fine Frisbee follow-through.

Nice Job Gary. Give yourself some

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