Friday, May 10, 2013

Water, water, every where.....

Working with a group of local creative photographers is great.

We get together each month (2nd Wednesday) to meet and the special moment each time is the Show & Tell.

We all are shooting our take on the stated theme.

For May it was "Moving Water."

My thirsty plants were pleased that I was using the fast shutter speed (1/2000th of a second) on my camera.

It was hit or miss so I poured glasses of water about 25 times. Finally I chose this one.

Catching a single "drip drop" of water was even more challenging.

Same fast shutter speed but there's a slight delay with digital cameras.

Many times I was "close" but missed the shot.

The lag is from when you push the button and when the shutter actually clicks.

Passing neighbors saw me up on my front porch with my small camera atop a sturdy tripod.

I was slowly dripping water from a spoon into a filled saucer. They've seen me doing stranger things.
One of the members - Sarang Remakrishman - showed how to use a Neutral Density filter in bright sunlight.

The filter (think of sunglasses for your camera ) let him use a slow shutter speed to render a rippling brook in a different way.

Several of us are planning a Photo Shoot out at Folly Beach by the pier to experiment with waves and tides and ND filters.

We'll probably attract attention if enough of us show up with large cameras on tripods.

Member Charles G. presented a fountain shot that he had enhanced.

Charles slowed his shutter speed a bit to change the look of the flowing water. Just the opposite of what I did with a super fast shutter speed to freeze action.

If it's a cloudy day, or the object is in a shaded area, sometimes you can merely close down the lens opening (f/stop) and shoot slower without adding a dark filter.

Good examples of creating something our eye would not register.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, without using camera "tricks" or special filters, I heard it start to rain.

Went outside with my umbrella and watched puddles form in my yard.

The expanding circles caught my eye.

There was no flooding but the water coming down did move leaves around, making nice frames for the over-lapping vibrant rings in the puddles.

In an attempt to "think outside the box" I submitted a shot I called "Under Water."

Literally the water was yet to fall but it was very tangible - and imminent - in this shot from a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Actually the storm front moved on and no rain fell on me. 

But, the members saw my point during Show & Tell.

I also added a close up of a leaf-clogged storm drain. That was where ALL moving water eventually disappears.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

The theme for our group for June is "FIRE."

That COULD be a chance to show off my revolver at a Summerville gun range.

Or just burn something on a non-windy day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be careful out there with matches.

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