Saturday, April 27, 2013

"...and the Silver Bullet Band."

Oh, and in front of the band is Bob Seger.

I was seated SO close, I could not get all of the band in one shot. Yikes. Nice complaint!

The horn section is on a riser to the right and a grand piano player.

A grand piano and a fellow playing it who also was pretty grand.

I had seen Seger once before, years ago but this show was better.

Longer show, great song list, 14-people on stage backing him.

Here's your 1960s Rock & Roll master from Detroit.

 Four decades. So far

Sitting in the 5th row means if you were any closer, you'd probably have to pick up a guitar and play.

Or perhaps hoist an over-sized saxophone. Big and shiny.

Yes, the man goes by the name Alto Reed but - checking around - I found he really answers to Tom.

He's been with Silver Bullet for about 35 years and is a big part of the band's sound and success.

Seger played many, many of his hits for us this night including songs from his 1975 "Live Bullet" album that finally brought him into the national spotlight.

Turn The Page (On the road) marked his shift from a popular regional band to a national one.

His 1976 follow up album "Night Moves" hammered home that this was gritty rock and roll and captured the strong spirit of the 1970s live concerts.

When he sang the title song, it demonstrated his intensity and emotional power, descriibing a young man's sexual discovery and bittersweet passage into adulthood.

Robert Clark "Bob" Seger is a great rock & roll singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist.

He showed us all of that, along with a friendly, comfortable presence on stage.

The Grammy Award winner was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

He hinted that his future plans would be a major change for him.

 No more touring? No more recordings?

"The end is imminent, but not in sight," he stated.

Just before the show started, I glanced up to see 2 of the 3 lighting guys climbing into position.

VERY high above the stage.

I noted the safety harnesses they all wore.

They handled the "follow spots" that evening, keeping the bright light emphasis where it belonged.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Two concerts in Charlotte within 3 weeks.

April has been a busy musical month and I saw a LOT of big trucks on the highways.

Be careful out there.

Thanks for stopping by.

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