Thursday, February 28, 2013

In KC, it's the 114th annual American Royal ...

Many years ago, I lived and worked in Kansas City, Missouri.

That's home to the American Royal, a gigantic 2-week long super fantastic Horse Show.

So pardon me if I stumble when talking about our local Royal American on Morrison Drive.

I'm easily confused.

One features thoroughbreds and the other stages interesting musical groups passing through town, playing on an elevated stage in a carefully decorated "dive."

The ownership just was jostled for the local "joint" so not sure what - if any - changes to expect.

The sound man at  "The Royal" also controls the lighting. I have to pay attention to his color shifts when taking photos.

He often goes through a Blue Period.

This is the Appleseed Collective who hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

They drew a good crowd a few weeks ago on a windy rainy night. I like bands that feature a mandolin AND washboard.

Do yourself a favor and click on the link to hear what I mean.

Just a few nights ago, I was back again to listen to a band that had started as a busking street jug and roots band out in Eugene, Oregon.

They now are based in Asheville and came to Charleston to bring us a fun evening of street corner-style stomping & swinging.

And lots of jump and jive.

Woody Pines is the leader of the band and lead singer, with Bram Riddlebarger on mandolin and a "suitcase" drum set

The upright bassist is Tim Peacock.

The group performed with a combination of vaudeville, Roaring 20s and fast-paced showmanship.

I was surprised more people didn't get up and dance to some of the swing numbers.

The kind of toe-tapping music that makes you glad to be alive and glad to be there.

Reminded me of quite a few evenings spent watching and enjoying the Two Man Gentleman Band.

Especially Tim Peacock, the bass player and his antics.

Looking around the room, I saw I was not the only one following the action on stage.

Seated at the bar, and moving his foot to the beat, was Fuller Condon, aka "The Councilman."

Mr. Condon, the bass-playing half of the TMGB (Two Man Gentleman Band), last year moved to Folly Beach.

So, spotting him at a local music venue - without his bass or his kazoo - probably is not that unusual.

I'm sure I'll see him again.

On stage and off.

(Please click on the photos for more details.)

Shows on a weekday seem to have a different pace.

Actually, they do. They end earlier in the evening.

It's a school night and work - for some - comes early the next day.

Being retired is good.

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