Monday, February 18, 2013

48-Hours...Just 2 days...

My Photo Group just finished a 48-Hour Challenge.

A list of 20 specific song tittles, ranging from the 1920s to 2010, was posted at 7:00 am Saturday.

We had to take pictures that interpreted each title before the contest ended at 7:00 am this morning.

A distinct call for creativity.

And good camera work.

I checked and the rules allowed for manipulating the images with Photoshop or other tools.

That last comment allowed me to use a
shot of a bloodhound (the song was 1956 "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley) and add some of my features to it.

Those who know me should recognize my glasses, and bushy eyebrows that have been added to the dog's face.

The shot at the top was for the song "I Want Candy" a one-hit wonder in 1982 by the band Bow Wow Wow.

My last chance at getting a listed song title in under the wire happened at a Blues show last night at Home Team BBQ on Sullivan's Island.

Big Bill Morganfield (talented son the Blues legend Muddy Waters) was channeling his daddy's sound and I mixed in a shift in color.

This gave me "Purple Haze" though it was not related to the 1967 Jimi Hendrix Experience classic.

Hey RULES are mainly just suggestions..right?

Saw a few fellow members of the Photo Group Sunday night at Home Team and noted they had cameras with them.

Saturday morning, the first day,  I was up early to get started with the Challenge.

Had my camera with me when I stepped out on the front porch to pick up the paper.

Even Mr. Rogers would agree it was a "Beautiful Day" in my neighborhood.

That was the name of the 2000 album by U-2.

The link takes you to the title track that runs just under 5 minutes.

The song entitled "God Bless America" was introduced and  forever linked to her in 1939 by Kate Smith. People felt we were about to be part of WWII.

The link shows scenes of Ms. Smith on her popular national radio show as she sings the musical prayer for the first time.

It's a scene from a movie that depicts average Americans in their daily life - usually standing near a radio.

The internet, iPads and Wi-Fi were decades away and a prisoner in Sing Sing prison would have needed a lot of clout to have had a cell phone. (See what I did there? Used "cell" + phone to make a reference to now.)

"Yes Sir, That's My Baby" was written back in 1925. 

The link shows how that 88-year old song was used at a beauty pageant.

My photo interpretation goes back to the actual baby "baby."

I'm sure my Great-Great-Grandparents would probably have agreed with my visual version.

Even while listening to Eddie Cantor's dulcet-toned rendering.

Did not get a chance to go snap a CARTA  bench but saw I had a miniature British double-decker souvenir.

It would help me illustrate "Bus Stop", the 1966 hit by the British Invasion group The Hollies.

As I explained to the photo group, I placed the 5" long metal metal replica on a fluffy white towel and had the snow "coming down like talcum powder."

Quite literally.

 The cat was very impressed.

Take a moment and click on the link to the Photography Group to see hundreds of pictures covering this list of 20 songs. That total will increase because the deadline to upload is later this evening.

It was a fun, creative venture and, because nobody had to travel to a certain or particular place as a group, all 315 members could participate.

The variety I've seen so far is fantastic. How would YOU have pictured some of the song prompts?

Email me your version.

At this point, hits on this blog from around the world,  just turned 98,957. I expect to pass 100,000 very soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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