Friday, December 03, 2010

Floating In Space...for $5

I have been known to steal, I mean, do research and then adapt from what others have done.

"Floating in space" on the floor of the new Northwoods Stadium Cinema is such an obvious photo opportunity that I am sure many others will be doing this.

Well, I know that Darryl did a funny YouTube video a few days BEFORE the theater opened.

It takes a person with more nerve (brains?) to pose like this when people are actually coming in with $5 tickets and walking around you to get their popcorn and Pepsi.

(Until December 9, the theater is offering a Grand Opening concession special of $1.00 for a medium popcorn, medium drinks and selected candy bars. Yikes.)

Tickets are a flat rate of $5 Monday thru Thursdays. Weekends it's $8.00 for adults and $6.50 for seniors.

Now I need to discover where can you get this swell space-themed carpet for your home?

(Picture taken with my Canon S90. Have your small camera with you all the time. Who knows what might pop up? Thanks for the idea Darryl.)

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