Monday, October 25, 2010

I Expect To Be Invited Back...

Went to my first Carolina Panthers game Sunday up in Charlotte.

And they won their first game of the season. Feeling better about 1-5.

They tied the 49ers in the last few minutes and then made another field goal for the win. Nice.

I'm just first game...their first win.

I expect to receive free tickets in the mail for their next home game.

Hmm. I suppose I COULD travel with the team if needed.

Saw disgruntled people leaving the stands in the 4th quarter. Trying to beat the traffic?

Wonder if they had gotten out of the parking lot before the Panthers tied, then won the game? Ouch.

The stadium was not completely filled - well, they HAD lost all of the first five games - and I was sitting on the 50 yard line about 16 rows up.

You can buy great seats like that from a "scalper," a person with season tickets who couldn't make it.

You pay more but if the win record had been better, prime seats like these probably would not have been available.

Remember Coach Fox: with me there, you win.

The night before I had explored NoDa which stands for North Davidson, a funky, hippie-ish neighborhood centered around 36th street.

Live music on the deck drew me into Revolution Pizza & Ale House. If you go there, I suggest you try their "Cheeseburger Pie."

Just what you would expect but probably not on a pizza.

Hamburger and cheese sure, but lettuce and tomato and pickles? well, of course.

I also found out what happens to former big name quarterbacks and other players who once were popular fan favorites.

[Please click on the photos for more details. My Canon S90 is not really well suited to cover sports but it captured the flavor of the trip. Thanks for looking in. Please come back again.]

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At Wed Oct 27, 09:56:00 PM , Anonymous DWright1 said...

Chuck, come back anytime. Plenty of good seats available.
You had a good local guide. NoDa is an interesting place, lots of good food around, plenty of music. More "art" than I can comprehend.
Glad you had a good trip.



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