Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pipes They Are A-Calling....

Yes. The 39th annual Scottish Games at Boone Hall.

Well, technically it's called the "Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Gathering."

But it's the place where each year you can get some haggis (the "other" other white meat?) and a Scottish Egg.

In Glasgow it's just called Egg.

My cousin Leslie in Camden is a ROSS so she has a clan table set up each year and invites me to come share some heritage.

Naturally I take my camera with me and caught some hammer-throwing action this year.

When you fling a boomerang, it comes flying back to you.

These do not!

In the Caber Toss I noticed again that it takes four strong people to lug the 20-foot long telephone pole to the contestant.

Then the burly fellow hoists it up so the small end rests in his palms and he staggers forward to gain momentum and gives it a mighty heave.

To win this contest the pole has to land on the bigger end, bounce forward and topple down so the small end points away from the thrower.

Landing at the "12 O'Clock" position is the ideal and one succeeded in doing that Saturday.

I had asked my cousin if I could bring lunch? I said I could stop at Burger King.

She answered she would have a lunch spread ready - and it was great - and added "doing it my way" would not be cool this year.

The featured group this year was Clan Donald. Mc and Mac means "son of."

(Click on the photos for more detail. Taken with my Canon S90) Thanks.

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