Friday, October 08, 2010

Wow! An affordable scientific marvel...

We all are aware of Smart Phones, I-Pods/I-Pads, digital cameras and Social Networking

Not that I understand all these expensive modern advances.

One device I remember well when it first came out.... The hand calculator.

Crunching numbers almost instantly.

No more slide-rules and memorizing multiplication tables. Yikes.

They first became available in 1971. An unaffordable dream.

The stuff of science fiction. Texas Instruments (TI) was a major brand name in these new pocket calculators.

By 1978 they were slimmed down to the size of a credit card.

Eventually my children were allowed to use it in the classroom.

Today I saw one for only a buck.

Maybe I'll just wait a while before I buy a Droid.

(Remember the 1990's phone-in-a-bag? A cell phone the size of a brick. I even had cameras that used film! Thanks for stopping by.)

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