Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Do I Know That Has A Plane?

Ever hear the expression "If you don't own a boat, at least have a friend who owns one."

Obviously that could apply to private airplanes as well.

Or have a buddy who received a VIP plane ride "Flying High Over Charleston" as a birthday present. And he invites you to come along! Yes, we both had our cameras for the 70-minute flight.

On this beautiful day I hopped in the back seat and the pilot Jim Ellison made sure I was safely strapped in.

We were each given a headset and microphone so we could listen to the tower and speak to each other.

The Birthday Boy of course sat in the Co-Pilot seat up front.

Wow. The Morris Island Lighthouse really has no Morris Island.

It doesn't seem so desolate from the beach but it sure looks lonely when you fly over.

Especially at high tide.

James Island got connected right after I moved back to Charleston but I had not seen it from the air.

Engineers make nice curvy lines.

I also did not realize how our marinas had grown.

Hmm. That would mean lots of boat owners.

And, speaking of golfers down on Kiawah Island... well, they certainly have a mighty fine looking Ocean Course.

The pilot flew us over The Sanctuary and even pointed out a "house" that's on the market for $12 million.

People who own airplanes probably shop for property by air a lot.

Flying along at about 110 miles an hour and looking down from 1100-1200 feet was quite a treat but soon we had to turn and head back home.

Usually when I fly into Charleston International on commercial planes, I have no idea if we are landing on runway 130 but now I know that's the compass heading to line up for final approach.

I heard the pilot talking about that on my headset.

(Click on the photos - twice - for more detail. I shot these on my Canon S90 at 1/1000 second and moved the f/stops around for back light, etc. Thanks for visiting my blog.)

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At Fri Jun 10, 05:23:00 PM , Blogger Wendy said...

Hi Chuck,

I work for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and we would love to use your image of the Morris Island Lighthouse in an upcoming exhibit. Would you be willing to give us permission to use it? Please let me know:

Thank you so much!

At Sun Jun 12, 01:20:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

Sure, I'd be glad to have you use my aerial photo. Pleased to share it with others.

If you can, please credit it to my blog. I also enjoy readers who make comments. Thanks.



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