Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nice Nose Job ....

Something caught my eye when I flipped past this picture I had taken of Queen Victoria in a public park.

Pretty darn good repair "Nose Job" on this London statue.

But I wonder... what had prompted the replacement?

Statues of great people don't have great vanity.

Weather erosion would have affected the entire statue.

Her carved face was up high so it wouldn't be touched excessively.

History did not portray her as a touchy-feely monarch


A tour guide in Munich, Germany had pointed out how a row of four brass lions facing the Residenz Palace were rubbed a lot by residents.

And by visitors.

Touching three in a row was considered a way to receive Good Luck.

"Rub its paw for a year of luck and wealth," was the saying.

Looks like a lot of lucky people in town.

I don't remember if either city had a Lottery.

Wonder if there was a "rub off" version of the games.

(Click on the pictures for more detail. These were taken before I got my current Canon S90 but all were taken with an earlier Canon point & shoot. I've been considered a "Loose Canon" for quite a while. Thanks for reading my blog. Come back often.)

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