Friday, November 05, 2010

The Cho Dependent Tour

Margaret Cho was recently voted off Dancing With The Stars so she was able to keep her scheduled concert tour to Washington, DC.

Nice dancer's body, Maggie!

Roll those sleeves up and show your colorful "tats."

When you sit in the very first row, you can see clearly she has worked hard on trimming and toning.

Obviously competitive dancing is good healthy exercise.

And her act still is definitely NOT G-rated.

This is the night before the Comedy Central "Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear" and her fans filled the Warner Theatre ready for an explicit evening.

She did not disappoint.

Halloween was in the air and seeing people in costumes wandering around almost seemed normal.

Arriving at your hotel and being checked in by laughing masked characters behind the counter. Happy hooded and caped figures crowding into Metro cars.

Yes, this is a prime time and place for her show.

The comedy routines were scathing and funny and, at the end, she brought the audience to its feet.

"I invited some friends here tonight to join me in song," Margaret announced.

The curtain behind her rose quickly and she was joined by the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC. Yikes.

(Cameras were not exactly allowed but my Canon S90 didn't need a flash. In my lap it became a "spy cam" until the finale when cameras appeared everywhere. Click on the pictures for more detail. Look for some Photoshop work. Thanks.)

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