Monday, November 15, 2010

"It's a Zoo Out There..."

My photography group had a great Saturday Photo Walk at BEE CITY ZOO, out past Summerville and near Givhans State Park on the way to Walterboro.

We arrived early - right when they opened at 9am - so the only "kids" around were baby goats.

But a Mama wallaby had her joey (baby) in her pouch.

This small member of the kangaroo family will carry the loaded pouch until the baby is able to fend for itself.

Staying at home with the parents is a shared trait in the animal world.

But this gives a new meaning to "living in your mom's basement."

Both sides of the fence were entertained by the llama enclosure.

I am sure they delighted in seeing how close to the lens they could get and vice versa.

(What the heck does that mean?)

You knew there would be a honey-making exhibit at BEE CITY.

The welcome sign said "population 1,265,000" and here are a few of the busy bees humming along.

Please enjoy the pictures taken by other members of the photography group.

The owner gave feeding demonstrations at the Nature Center that housed a collection of snakes, tarantulas, gators and other Lowcountry critters.

He runs a nice operation with a honey of a gift shop. The cafe has hot strong coffee and tasty burgers.

Go and check it out. It can be an enchanting experience for you and your children.

(As usual, click on the photos for more detail. Some of the group members were using SLRs so the overall quality is excellent. Thanks for stopping by my blog.)

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