Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Traffic ....

Well, people have started moving around the country for the Thanksgiving holiday long, long weekend.

We have heard that many were driving this year instead of flying.

No embarrassing body scans in the family car.

A few days ago at twilight I noted planes etching their trails overhead.

This was a pretty-looking "traffic" pattern in the blue sky at sunset.

Speaking of families and gathering together to eat, I checked out the new upstairs dining facility at Bowen's Island last week.

I'm not sure exactly when they started using the new building but my last time there I was seated out on the laid-back familiar dock.

Owner Robert Barber explained that the new dining area is designed to keep that same rustic feeling..lots of wood and swing-open windows to let the breeze flow through..but on a much larger scale.

I'm just glad the Barber family tradition is continuing.

Stop at our favorite island on the way to Folly Beach.

(Click on the photos for details. I was a passenger - not driving - when I shot the sunset jet contrails. I did a 15-second exposure of the new dining room at Bowen's Island. The Canon S90 is cool. Thanks.)

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