Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow! The sun will come out tomorrow!

That's when Netflix starts streaming the new Adam Sandler film THE DO OVER. Yay!

Originally planned to go directly to DVD, this 2nd of 4 films for Netflix will be released for streaming to subscribers.

The "red band" final trailer is out now but does NOT include my short funny scene with the "Hospital Screamer".

The first short "teaser" trailer did verify the scene made it through the cutting room and into the finished film.

I have enjoyed watching my brief appearance as the startled "husband" of the screaming "wife," as we see a badly injured man stumble toward the Savannah hospital.

 Despite my fantastic dramatic action and look, stage presence, and stance, I am NOT credited.

Go figure?

Sheila Lynn Cochran is quite an actress and her VERY vocal scream catapulted her to a featured credit. I am chopped liver, but very happy for Sheila and her brief comedic role in her film career.

Tomorrow, I won't be on the "Silver Screen" but my 60-inch tv set presents a crisp, large image.

I'll be making some popcorn.

(Click on the images and links for more details.)

Pretty obvious this is a "first" for me as I putter around as an extra or background artist in locally-produced tv shows like HBO's Vice Principals , Youtube's We Love You and CBS's The Inspectors.

Too bad I never tried out for Army Wives during its 7-year run here.

Maybe I'll look into working behind T-Rav and Southern Charm?

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