Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Um, that looks odd...

Watching a talented one-man band is fun.

Sitting and relaxing on a concrete floor is a sign you're a real fan of Mechanical River.

He opened Mother's Day night at the Pour House for Deslondes.

Deslondes had five band members and thanked all the moms for letting us come out that Sunday night.

The men's room at the Pour House used to look like this.

I think even a Vegan would be a little disturbed going into this room.

The "eyes" have it.

But, it was repainted without creatures....last time I checked.

Musicians make up their own mannerisms, styles and methods of  making popular sounds.

This band member appeared to be just holding two instruments, but, then he started playing.

Both saxes. At the same time.

A wannabe one-man band? He's working on it.

I am not a member of a band but I do see unusual things happen in bars.

Here, I joked that there should be a free beer for me on my birthday.

I was handed the Viking helmet and was told "Wear this while you drink your free beer. Happy birthday."

Well, you see I wore the hat.

And the free beer was great.

This was at Brittlebank Park on the banks of the Ashley river.

Sipping beer on a summer day.

Suddenly,  I saw this fellow soaring aloft atop what appeared to be a spewing firehose.

Learned later you could rent time to do that.

Or, just continue drinking beer.

Years ago, in San Diego, I saw a good bit of "Truth In Ads."

He stood by the curb with his sign.

I saw drivers pull over, amused, and hand him money.

I gave him a dollar myself.

This "glass" caught my eye and I had to take a closer look.

A good example of "recycling" I decided.

I have heard people joke - when they finished a beer quickly - that the bottle had a hole in the bottom.

This one actually did.

His hand covered how the base for the glass had been attached. I need to stop by again.

I think you have to be overseas to have a beer with your Happy Meal beneath the arches at Mickey D's.

I WAS in Spain last year when I saw beer was on the menu and that many patrons were sipping brews.

When in Rome, er, Spain, do as they do.

Beer makes the fries seem to taste even better!

Saw this type of vehicle - propelled by pedaling loud, singing beer drinkers - in several cities in various countries.

The languages were different but the intent was to literally "drink and drive" as the party became a moveable feast at a leisurely pace. PROST!

Fuzzy dice are no longer restricted to hanging from rear view mirrors.

The oversized, colorful dice can adorn a drum set.

I have seen teddy bears, small big-bellied Buddhas and tiny baby dolls perched on instruments on at least half a dozen bands.

Significance? I have no idea.

Don't recall the name of this player but his gimmick was using a megaphone.

Wonder what the soundman had to say about this?

He would play, then sing into the megaphone.

Yes, he tried to do both at the same time. Briefly.

I post these "different," - and even surreal shots - because they have one thing in common.

All involve beer.

(Click on the photos and links for more detail and information.)

I support live music...and a few breweries too.

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